Luzicka Ballet Covid-19 related policies and information

We take the health and well-being of our families very seriously. As we begin our 2020-2021 season, we are placing the utmost importance on social distancing and decontamination to ensure our students remain healthy.

We have implemented the following policies effective immediatly at the studio location:

Dancer requirements while at the studio:

Pick up/ Drop off only

As stated above, our lobby will not be available to people to wait for their child. Students will be dropped off at the back doors, and exit from the front doors. This will allow for people to flow in one directions between classes.
Both of our studios have a normal sized door, as well as a garage door, which lead directly into the studio from the rear parking lot. Students will arrive dressed for class, and enter through the rear doors directly into their studio. This will eliminate any traffic bottlenecks which could cause people to have less than acceptable distance.
After class, students will exit the building through the main lobby in the front. A single parent may come to the door to pick up a student, or may enter the lobby with a mask if a student requires help.

Traffic Flow

We suggest parents pull into the parking on via the entrance on Kent street. Then, proceed straight to the rear parking lot, drop your child off at the back doors of the studios, and exit the parking lot onto South Brown Street.
Here is a diagram of this route:

(click for larger)

When picking students up, enter the parking lot from the South Brown Street entrance, immediately turn left and proceed around the front of the building, exiting onto Kent Street.
Here is a diagram of this route:

(click for larger)

We thank you so much for your help in keeping traffic congestion under control.


We strongly recommend using a drop-off/pick-up only policy, but if you find yourself needing to park, we recommend parking along the edge of the parking lot making it easier for students to locate their cars when being released from class.

Below is an diagram of acceptable parking locations. The areas in green are available for parking. Please refrain from parking in the areas marked red, as this creates traffic congestion.

(click for larger)

Thank you so much for your cooperation!

We want to thank you all for your cooperation with these new policies. Together we can keep everyone safe and dancing!

See you at the studio!

-Luke and Hannah

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